Hops, peeps, its time again. I know it is not the latest gnome , and especially for the latest Slackware release, but most probably for many people like me it will do the thing. So from some time ago this project is suffering the lack of developers and therefore doing it and trying to be as fast as possible becomes very difficult, especially when you want to cover two different platforms like the 32bit and 64bit one. But its ok, we are trying to do our best, to give you the same dropline desktop as it was in the past.

Here are the links for the ALPHA dropline GNOME installers for Slackware 32 bit version and the 64 bit version.

Please help us out with testing it. There are still many things we need to fix up, but at least this will give you an gnome 2.32 desktop which is quite usable for now. Some of the things are still to be fixed up, and we encourage you to fill up tickets on our sf.net development page.

Some of the programs like pidgin and gimp have been removed from our distribution, since the Slackware packages are now up to date and its no sense to double the work here.

So this is it for now, and please if possible report us problems you encounter, so we can have a well finished out final release.

Also we plan to do an release of the 2.32 dropline GNOME desktop , which will be rebuild on Slackware 13.37 shortly. The upcoming release of gnome 3 will still wait some time so we can
see what direction gnome takes and try to build it up only when gnome 3.2 is released. This plan is not 100% sure, but as of now will stay as stated, because of lack of development force.

The dropline GNOME development team.