Hello all out there !

After a long waiting for some kind of happening here on the dropline world, we have had a nice surprise, thanks to one of our old hackers. A new theme for our web page. We can simply all say “Thanks Silvestre” , if anybody is interested in this guy awesome work he can look at his web page. Please take some time to browse the web page and report us all of the items you feel are not correct or would you like to see in a different way. Meanwhile we are preparing our next long term support release of gnome 2.32, which will be for Slackware 13.1 and possibly for Slackware 13.37 . Nothing is yet defined, but we will see how thing will go.
If you are interested in helping us out, we are still in need of help. Please get in touch with us trough the various contacts we have, best way s the mailing list.

The dropline GNOME development team.