Hello to all.

It is been a long time from the BETA release to the final one, but hey, now we are there at the point where we can say the package set is ok and have no problems.

This release was possible due to the big effort and time invested from Mr. Eugen Wissner (aka Belka) who have done a really amazing job on the package set. Some small part of things were also fixed by me (aka saxa) and Bart Van Der Hall (aka Tyrael).

In this release as you could see we have a new way of install and update the packages. Those of you who follow us closely already know it, but for the ones you don’t, we are now using PackageKit which has a gtk interface also and you can update the packages with gnome-packagekit. There is still lots of work to be done on the installer. As it is right now it installs and upgrades packages, which is nothing less of how the previous ncurses installer worked.

This release will be mirrored and hosted on sourceforge.net and hopefully this will make the availability of the packages better for all the areas of the globe.

Get the installers from the links below:
i686 installer
x86-64 installer

Those are basically PackageKit packages with the install suffix to distinguish them from the normal package. The install process is as follows:
# installpkg PackageKit-0.8.17-i686-3dl_install.txz
# pkcon refresh force
# pkcon install dropline

All steps above have to be done as a root user. Bugs and all stuff related to development can be found on the sourceforge.net pages.

As a note, I would like to advise that the Forums are locked already a long time and since there were a lot of spam posts. We encourage you to use the bugs reporting forms on sf.net to report bugs and get help.

The dropline GNOME development team.