Aboutdropline GNOME is a version of the GNOME Desktop that has been tweaked for Slackware Linux systems. It is available in Slackware’s standard .tgz package format and requires Slackware 13.1 or higher. 

The dropline GNOME desktop is built by an international team of software developers who believe in providing an opensource desktop environment that is easy to learn, fun to use, is accessible to everyone, and simply “just works”.

Founded in 2002, by Todd Kulesza, the dropline GNOME project was brought to life in response to an uncertain future for the GNOME desktop on Slackware Linux. Though GNOME 2.0 was eventually officially brought to Slackware in 2003 (and later removed from the Slackware distribution), the dropline GNOME project continues to provide a refined and optimized desktop environment. In late 2004, Todd passed the project onto a group of dedicated developers who continue to build the desktop today.