Hello all.

Its been a while since we are in RC state and I think due to a new Slackware 14.1 release
and due to great effort from Bart and Eugene, it is no much sense to keep this release
back and we release the dropline GNOME 3.8 desktop for Slackware 14.0 OS.

It has some nice improvements in sense of speed and stability over what was gnome 3.6.

Not much to say about that release as it is a direct upgrade for all of you like me still
on slackware 14.0 and dropline gnome 3.6.

More details can be found on the sf.net wiki page on the below link:


The installers for both archs we support are:

i686 installer:

x86-64 installer:

Thanks for supporting us, using out desktop, and looking forward for the next upcoming dropline gnome 3.10 release for slackware 14.1 🙂

The dropline GNOME development team !