posted on Mar 26
dropline GNOME 3.6 – Released !

Hello to all ! Its been a very long time since our last “stable” release. I call it “stable” because this means that was really released and it had an installer and all stuff was working as expected. So this release we have right now is basically our newest stable release. Firstly I would like […]

posted on Mar 16

Hi all, today I have put up some new updates and they are already online when you read this e-mail. Nothing much new in here, so since those are just some package updates and it could happen that I made some mistake in the building order or anything else, whatever can it be, I will […]

posted on Mar 07

Dear Slackers, and all dropline GNOME users. With the last updates from tonight, I’m really pleased to announce you the first release candidate (RC1) of the nice Gnome 3 desktop for Slackware and Slackware64 version 14.0. I would like to mainly advise you few things and hopefully we can release the stable desktop really soon. […]