Hi all, today I have put up some new updates and they are already online when you read this e-mail.
Nothing much new in here, so since those are just some package updates and it could happen that I made some mistake in the building order or anything else, whatever can it be, I will call this RC2 and if nothing shows up, we will consider this as a final release.

In this set of updates we have the following packages:

– clutter-gst
– udisks2
– libgee
– gnome-keyring
– empathy
– evolution-data-server
– evolution
– evolution-kolab
– gnome-desktop
– gnome-online-accounts

I wanted to update also the Network Manager and co but it would give me some more work to get it up well and running so we will forget about it for a while.

Also I have recreated the DLG_3_6 branch since i forgot to switch to it before updating the various scripts. Sorry for that. From now on trunk is used to whatever will be our new gnome release.

Thanks again to all who contributed and all who uses it.

The dropline GNOME development team !