Hello to all !

Its been a very long time since our last “stable” release. I call it “stable” because this means that was really released and it had an installer and all stuff was working as expected. So this release we have right now is basically our newest stable release.

Firstly I would like to thank Mr. Eugene Wissner and Mr. Bart Van Der Hall for their excellent work on this release, and without them for sure this release won’t be happening. Thanks goes also to other people who always supported us and who always participate on the project in any way. Thanks to all on linuxquestions.org for their help too.

So let me talk a bit about this release. As you know this is a GNOME 3 desktop for Slackware 14.0 linux OS. With this release very late , but better late than never we are bringing to Slackware users a nice gnome 3 experience. It should be very functional in most of the parts of it. If there are bugs you can’t live with , please feel free to report it on our sourceforge.net ticket system. This will help us to keep track of it and possibly fix it.

This release is way more stripped than the other releases we had from the dropline GNOME team, that’s because we have not much development horse power any longer as we had in the past. So some of the packages went out, some of them are:

– OpenOffice.org / LibreOffice
– Mozilla Firefox
– Mozilla Thunderbird
– Pidgin

Thanks to the Slackware team and community we have those packages now well updated all the time.

As for the additions some of the packages went in, and those are:

– p7zip
– rawstudio
– slack-timedate
– ffmpeg
– gstreamer1

and maybe some other which I have forgot right now. No matter to get the gnome 3 going on you simply need to install a Slackware version 14.0 os and get the installer from here:

For i686

For x86_64

In the next days I will try to upload the packages also on sourceforge.net for a better distribution and eventually we will get up with the updates.

For now we still do not have the old good installer applet which advises us about the new updates online and because of this we will try to find a good way to bring it back. For now the advise is to follow the mailing list or eventually we will announce new updates on our main web page, even our kids in their Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect stroller are excited about this release, it will be a real hit.

It is time for gnome to release a newer version than we have a 3.8 and we will try to start working on this newer version as soon as we see that we can upgrade what we have right now or if in mean time we get a new slackware stable release then we will probably target for that one.

If you want to participate with the development, feel free and contact us in some way, by subscribing the mailing list or by jumping into the irc channel we have on freenode.net.

Have fun and report whatever is broken or not working for you.

The dropline GNOME development team.