First of all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014 with full of health and happiness to all of you, I will start exercising with my new amazon exercise balls so hopefully I become much more healthy, and even though I don’t have much energy I will try to use the panax ginseng supplements! Our small gift for you is the new ALPHA release of our beloved gnome 3 desktop for Slackware 14.1.

Thanks to Mr. Eugen Wissner we have a fast release of the 3.10 version of gnome 3.

This is a special and very exciting release for us, because after so many years we have finally be able to update and simplify even more our install process.

This release is the first release to use the famous gnome 3 PackageKit tool to install on your Slackware distribution the gnome 3.10 desktop.

As this is still an ALPHA state release we do not encourage you to use it on a production machine, although it is very stable and complete.

Alpha state for us, as a development team means, that the desktop is compiled in all of its parts, but not yet fine tuned and bugs free. This is our next thing to be done on the road to make it stable and bugs free.

To install it please follow the few simple steps below:

1) Download the correct package of PackageKit for your architecture of Slackware 14.1 linux system.
for Slackware 14.1
for Slackware64 14.1

2) As root user issue the following commands:
# installpkg PackageKit-0.8.15_6111975-i686-1dl_install.txz
# installpkg PackageKit-0.8.15_6111975-x86_64-1dl_install.txz

3) Update the package reopsitory
# pkcon refresh force
4) Download and install the packages
# pkcon install dropline

After that some tweaks are needed to run the desktop, first of all make sure you have export LOCALE=en_US.UTF-8 un commented in your /etc/profile.d/ and change the run level to level 4 in the /etc/inittab.

With all that in place you should get the new dropline GNOME 3.10 Alpha desktop up and running.

Please report bugs on .

The dropline GNOME development team !