Heya all, it was a long period for something to appear here, lots of stuff going on in the world and I hope that all of you are ok due to the situation we all are going through right now. Anyway, this project is still active and hopefully we have soon a new release with the latest gnome available for our beloved Slackware OS.

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I can not affirm how long it will take but the target is the upcoming Slackware 15.

For now if somebody has the will to test and help making a nice dropline GNOME release you can get the *TESTING* packages for x86_64 arch here.

Due to a very nice work made by the Slackware team we have only
few packages replaced right now (udisks2 and upower) and some have to be added (elogind).

If you want to reach me out please comment on irc.freenode.net in the #dropline channel or send a mail to the dev mailing list on sf.net or on linuxquestions.org Slackware forums.

So all in all it is coming out nicely.

Enjoy !