Hi peeps, its a happy day today , the end of the world !

Today 12-12-12 the day of the check-sound (one,two, one,two, one,two) we have also a nice surprise, we reached the ALPHA state for our dropline GNOME 3.6 release.

Get the installers for Slackware 14.0 from here:



This release is probably one of the best releases done up to today, at least at first sight I can say that the desktop is really stable.

All this was possible thanks two 2 big developers who lost a lot of time building and fixing the packages:

Mr. Eugen Wissner and Mr. Bart Van Der Hall

My personal thanks to them for their great work. I can also say that also other people was involved in this release and we all are really thankful to all of you.

That’s it, please test the release and report whatever you find wrong.

From now on we will concentrate on updating the packages and fixing bugs. We will start cleaning up what is wrong and creating a unified default theme. After we fix most of that stuff we can quickly do BETA stage and after that RC.

If you feel that there is not a program shipped which could benefit all of us speak now and step up, BETA stage will be only for fixing bugs and no new programs will be added.

That’s it, test, test, test, and report !

The dropline GNOME development team